Good Earth Power International
Alawi Zawawi
Group Chairman & Co-Founder of Good Earth Power Ltd
Mr Zawawi is also the Chairman of the Omani family conglomerate, the Zawawi Group. The Zawawi Group is a large family multinational with numerous businesses in the Gulf, USA, Africa, India and Europe spanning the defence, construction, retail, and tourism industries.
Jason Rosamond
Group Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder of Good Earth Power Ltd
Mr Rosamond has a background in technology having been a Partner and MD of UK IT company Agilisys. Jason has leveraged his technology background to source unique technologies from across the globe allowing the creation of the Good Earth Power ecosystem.
Maya Minkova
Community Development Director & Co-Founder of Good Earth Power Ltd
Ms Minkova has a background in Change Management and Sustainable Development. Leveraging her knowledge and passions, she has created the Power for Good model for inclusive sustainable community development.
Maya focuses on the integration of the community and its leaders which is at the centre of the Good Earth Power Ecosystem model through the Power for Good programme, deploying the wide range of Good Earth Power technologies to derive sustainable community benefit. Prior to Good Earth Power, Maya was employed at Shell where she managed large-scale global projects.
Walid Kamhawi
Financial Advisor
Mr Kamhawi was a Managing Director of Blackstone Group, working out of the New York, London, and Hong Kong offices over the course of 15 years. He has exceptional experience and expertise in debt and equity based financial transactions across numerous sectors ranging from energy to telecommunications. Walid has his own investment management and advisory firm based out of Dubai, HK Capital Holdings Inc.
General Mzheri
Senior Vice President
General Mzheri has many years military experience and his duties have included a long spell with the United Nations peacekeeping forces. His vast military experience is crucial to the anti-poaching patrols and border patrols carried out by Good Earth Power. He is fluent in various African dialects and is our main line of communication with various chiefs and communities throughout southern Africa.
Fayez Al Nassar
Wildlife Ambassador
Mr Al Nassar is the ambassador of Good Earth Power in its humanitarian mission to protect the wildlife of Africa. Fayez is from the prominent Al Nassar family of Kuwait, patrons of global wildlife and environmental protection activities.
Wynand Pretorius
Programme Manager
Dr Pretorius and his dedicated team of infrastructure engineers, planners and logisticians are responsible to implement the Ponta Techobanine inter-regional rail and deep-water port project involving Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Swaziland. The rail and port components of the project, once operational, will have the largest geographical coverage and potential throughput of coal in the world. Wynand has been involved in transportation planning, project management and policy formulation for more than 25 years.
Peter D McNulty
Water Resources Director
Mr McNulty has over 20 years’ experience in designing, building and operating water treatment systems to address a variety of environmental issues, primarily for the oil, power, and marine industries. In 1997, he founded and served as President of N.E.I. Treatment Systems until joining Good Earth Power. He has extensive experience with US Federal and International environmental regulations, such as permitting, compliance monitoring, and reporting and is a member of the American Water Works Association (AWWA) and the International Water Association (IWA).
Clay Taber
Agriculture Director
Clay has spent much of the last 23 years working in the Emerging Markets. He has assisted in the structuring and finance of large businesses on four continents. Having been trained at some of the world’s largest banks, for the past six years he has been developing large scale agricultural projects on behalf of major international investors throughout Africa. He has extensive knowledge of the African property and agriculture markets, and has structured community backed developments throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.
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